Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Break 80 and Shoot Like The Pros is a  very comprehensive guide for those of you who are frustrated with your game.

If you’re tired of hooking, slicing, not hitting the bar straight enough or far enough, Then this guide is for you. It is written by Jack Moorehouse. You can tell by reading this guide Jack certainly knows his way around a golf course.

Most importantly, he knows how to convey his knowledge to the reader. Sometimes when someone is an expert at a subject, they can’t express their knowledge effectively. This isn’t true at all with this guide.

This guide will help you to get back to the fundamentals. It will help you to unlearn any bad habits that you may have picked up along the way while golfing. For example, in the first chapter he stresses balance. This is something that you may actually overlook when you’re on the course. As simple as it is, it’s very important.

Also, you will learn about proper grip. Again, you may have become lax when it comes to ensuring you have a good grip. As Jack mentions just as important as the proper grip is so is the amount of pressure you use while gripping the club. He follows up with some drills that will help you practice everything he talked about. These drills are very clever. They will help you.

How to Break 80 and Shoot Like The Pros also covers such topics as getting into a rhythm. It talks about how you should set up for every swing. It also tells you how and where to hit the ball. While all of this may sound so elementary, it’s really not. Jack explains it and has several diagrams that makes following along a breeze.

This guide also will help you develop a better short game. While it’s great to be able to slam the ball off the tee long and hard you still have to eventually get the ball in the cup. This guide really excels at teaching you to step up your short game play.

There is also a very good section dealing with how to get out of the sand. If you struggle when you’re in the sand trap, this guide can help you to overcome that. It also mentions how to get out of some other unfavorable shots easily too.

You will also learn in this guide how crucial putting really is to improving your score. There are some excellent drills in this section of the guide. If you can nail the putt in one or two strokes instead of 3 over 18 holes you’re going to see a drastic improvement.

This guide also has a section on the mental aspect of golf. Most golfers don’t really think about everything they’re doing. As the guide says, it’s so important to keep your emotions in check while you’re playing too. You can self-destruct if you don’t.
How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros should definitely be a must-read for any golfer who wants to improve their game. The guide is informative and entertaining. The diagrams and drills are definitely top notch. There are several quality bonuses that come with the guide. You can read more about those at the sales letter. There are several great testimonials from happy customers there as well that you can read.


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